June Community Service Project


Stay tuned for more information about the Food Drive we will be hosting as our Community Service Project for the summer!

Promote Our Social Media Pages!

Follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and be sure to share the links with your family and friends!  We need to continue to get our name out there to bring in new business.  Send any pictures, articles of interest, or employee accomplishments to Tara for promotion on the sites!

March Madenss for the March of Dimes


Bracket Playoff Fundraiser

We recently promoted a March Madness Bracket Playoff to raise money for the March of Dimes.  For every bracket that was completed, Air Care of New Jersey donated $3 to the March of Dimes.  We were able to donate $5o!  And our winner, Brent Larson from Minnesota wone a $25 Gift Vard!

Christmas Card for Sa'fyre Terry


8 Year Old Burn Victim from New York

8 year old Sa'fyre Terry, who lost her father and three siblings in an arson fire three years ago, asked for Christmas cards this year.  Air Care of New Jersey sent her a card thanking her for her inspiration, wished her well in her recovery, and wishing her a happy holidays!

Holiday Mail for Heroes


140 Cards Delivered!

We ran a two day promotion on our social media pages - for every brand new LIKE or SHARE of our company page, we wrote a card for a member of our military, a veteran, or their families for the Holidays.  We started with 36 likes and in 33 hours we were up to 126 likes!  We wrote out 140 cards in anticipation of more, so we dropped off all 140 this morning to our local Red Cross Chapter in Princeton, NJ!

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