Another added benefit to signing up for a maintenance contract is a reduced hourly rate. By routinely maintaining your equipment, we are able to keep a more accurate record, which helps our technicians diagnose problems more quickly.  It also greatly reduces the number of "nuisance" calls (ie: dirty filters, plugged drain lines, dirty coils)

Cost Savings

We strive to be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE!  Maintenance programs can save money in the long run by running your equipment as efficiently as possible. From routine filter changes to condenser coil cleaning, we offer a wide range of maintenance options. Call us today and we can tailor a maintenance package to suit your needs!

Preventative Maintenance

Air filters are, by far, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to ensure your equipment is running efficiently. Filters are designed to catch any dust or other small particles before getting into your system and blocking airflow - which can cause the unit to overheat and shut down. We recommend a minimum of 2 filter changes per year - but your environment, both indoor and outdoor, will dictate the frequency of filter changes. 

Filter Change

Belt Change

A wornout belt will, at some point, break loose and cause your equipment to fail. Changing belts once per year decreases the likelihood of it breaking and causing equipment failure. 

Coil Cleaning

The condenser coil of your air conditioner works hard during the summer months. Simply said, it takes the heat collected from your building and pushes it outside. To do this. the condenser coil has to move a lot of air. If the coil is dirty or there are objects obstructing the coil, the outdoor fan is unable to move as much air as required for peak performance and efficiency. This raises your electricity cost for air conditioning and may shorten the life of the equipment.


Our coil cleaning truck is environmentally friendly, using high pressure hot water rather than chemical, which can also take its toll on the environment and your roof.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Check Thermostat/EMS

Maintenance Checklist

Don't rely on the "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" method when it comes to your comfort! Performing a routine maintenance can significantly decrease the chances of costly failures - think of it as going to the doctor for a healthy checkup. Maintenance costs offer you a significant savings when compared to large repairs.